Founder’s story – are you Sofia?

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Congratulations! You’ve founded a business. You’ve seen a gap in the market, had a brilliant idea, roped in a few of your friends and set it in motion. The world has seen the light and the first orders are coming in. You feel that you are justified, needed and you were right about your idea all along.

And on the whole, it’s going fine… at least that’s what you keep telling yourself… until it isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, founding a start-up IS very exciting. To see your creation flourish and start to fly is intoxicating. There is the initial excitement and the first breakthroughs; everyone is on board with your idea and all seem to be working towards the same goal and the same purpose. You’re successful and being in business is fun! 

However, when everyone is working flat out – perhaps growth happened more quickly than you imagined or maybe you have had to rapidly expand your team – things can begin to spiral out of control. Trust me, I’ve been there! With everyone now fixed on the idea of success at all costs, your business suddenly doesn’t seem so fun, the initial successes are forgotten – not built upon – and the happy vibe in your office has evaporated.

After all, it is challenging trying to be all things to all people and especially when you sense the friends and family you got on board in the first instance don’t seem quite as supportive as they once were. You may have made a few snap decisions – sometimes it’s easier just to say ‘yes’ – growth has begun to stagnate, your purpose has become decidedly murky and now you’re beginning to wonder where it all started to go wrong.

If this is a familiar scenario, don’t worry. To entrepreneurs the world over, it is much more common than you think, but crucially they also know that no matter what, it is important to learn from your journey and that confronting a problem, rather than hiding from it.

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