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Celebrating the humble blog when you’re 1 in 74,800,000

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for inspiration, it’s likely things are feeling a bit off … as if a sparkle has dulled. ...

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If you’re an entrepreneur looking for inspiration, it’s likely things are feeling a bit off … as if a sparkle has dulled. 

And not just yours, but those of people in your team as well.

Everything seems to have fallen out of sync and you’re no longer waking up feeling enthusiastic about your exciting company.

Where else to turn but to Dr Google?

You type “business advice for entrepreneurs” into the search box and watch as your screen returns 74,800,000 results.

The internet oozes information out of every media pore. In this article, we’re exploring the concept of the “blog” and asking how effective it is in today’s world of digital overload.

When even robots can write these days, what does it mean for the humble blog that’s served us so well for 30 years?

Video did not kill the radio star

At Wyseminds, we’re big fans of blogging and think talk of AI causing its premature death is… well… premature. 

And while it’s right to pause and question the value of communication methods as technology advances, it’s worth remembering that video didn’t kill the radio star. 

It’s true that traditional personal blogging has declined since the rise of social media, but we believe blogs and the art of blogging are far from dead. 

They’ve simply evolved and adapted and found new roles and relevance in the online landscape. For business growth specialists like us, blogs play a pivotal role in helping us get our message across to a specific group of people – women entrepreneurs. 

Making a blog the go-to source for top tips on business growth

You may be able to command a robot to write a blog. You can also ask it to write a novel or film script. This doesn’t mean it’ll be any good or of any use to the people you’re trying to reach. 

For storytelling, showcasing expertise, sharing educational content and building like-minded communities, blogs provide a brilliant awareness-raising platform and we’re celebrating by launching a brand new one right here.

No! Not another blog, we hear you cry! We’ve not managed to get through the other 74,800,000 yet.

Don’t worry… we have no intention of adding to your workload. Quite the opposite.

We’ve been to that place of faded sparkle and can assure you that the tips and methods that we’ll be sharing on our blog will shrink your to-do list, free up time and allow flow to return to your business life.

A winning combination = a strong blog

So wait. If a robot can write a blog, surely that means anyone can? How do you know what you’re reading is authentic?

When the message is strong and you have the credentials to back it up, it’s a winning combination for a blog.

At Wyseminds, our specialist business coaches have all run highly successful companies in their previous careers. What motivates us is a drive to help others by imparting the wisdom we’ve gained through our many business ups and downs.  

Despite the blogosphere being a crowded market, our blog offers a powerful tool for communicating with the people who want to hear from us.

Keeping the passion alive through purpose

So how do you cut through the noise and create one that stands out?

At Wyseminds, we don’t attempt to do so. We just produce what we know, underpinned by a strong sense of purpose that keeps our passion alive. And it grows organically as word of mouth brings more women founders to our workshops and courses.

And because no one’s the same, our blog offers diverse content that caters for different learning preferences like

Multiple formats with a single goal: easing the isolation felt by so many women in the early days of business growth.

A problem shared is a problem halved

We bet the reason you turned to the internet for advice in the first place is because you’re one of the many entrepreneurs not yet aware that while your business may be unique, the pattern of business growth is not. All companies grow in waves and what goes up must come down. After your initial burst of growth will follow the low when you feel like you’re the only one to feel this way.

Here’s where a well-oiled blog like ours comes into its own, providing value and support and a means to connect to other women in business. 

To Wyseminds, the old adage “a problem shared is a problem halved” holds true. Blogs that raise awareness help shift adverse narratives and make you feel less alone. And we think that’s a good thing.