Conquering your own Mount Everest

In this article we’ll consider the importance of taking with you only what you need on your growth journey. The ideas, people...

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In this article we’ll consider the importance of taking with you only what you need on your growth journey. The ideas, people and processes you set out as an entrepreneur will evolve as your business grows and objectives change. Climbing up unhindered means putting some things down.

As a metaphor for seamless company growth, I’ve discussed the ‘Mount Everest mentality’ before with the Wyseminds community. However, it comes up so often in the conversations I have with entrepreneurs, that I really feel it warrants exploring further here.

The higher you climb, the better the view

I love exploring the great outdoors, but I’m certainly no climber. I have been stuck on Spanky’s Ladder in Whistler in the past, much to the irritation of the stream of powder-hunters piling up behind me. But in these moments straddling mountains, parallels with entrepreneurs struggling to overcome steep obstacles can be found. Slogging onwards, weighed down by the heavy daily grind and carrying too much on our shoulders. Overwhelmed by what’s still to come, so much so that we fail to stop to enjoy the view and celebrate how far we’ve already come.

Imagine that you’ve had a dream since childhood, one great adventure that refuses to leave you. You dream of climbing Mount Everest, one of the highest and toughest peaks in the world. You know you can’t achieve this dream alone, so you’ve assembled a team of experts and bought all the best equipment. A lot of equipment – you’re going to need that team to help you carry it. 

Onwards and upwards

Planning and preparation complete, you set off on your journey. After all the anticipation it feels great to be finally underway. The foothills are tough, but you’re determined to succeed and so you press on, thankful for all the hard work that’s brought you to this stage. Backpack full, heart bursting with pride.

There are four camps on the Mount Everest ascent, the last of which is rather chillingly titled The Death Zone. It is here that climbers regroup and prepare for the monumental final challenge ahead. They must take only what is needed on the journey to the top – superfluous kit and nagging doubts will only weigh climbers down on their last push. At this point, strategic and decisive choices are required if the journey is to culminate in success.

Reviewing progress to refocus on success

The comparison of these four Mount Everest camps with milestones on your own growth journey as an entrepreneur is clear. At key stages of your personal development and business success you must also stop and reassess where you are, where you are headed and what you need to take with you in order to get there. If you’re feeling stuck, worried that you can’t move forwards or unclear as to where you want to go, ask yourself:

  • How did you feel at the beginning of your journey?
  • What is currently frustrating you on your growth journey?
  • What gave you the confidence to start your business?
  • What do you feel stops you growing right now?

Most importantly, are you still in a position to do what you love, what motivated you to start your own business in the first place?

As an entrepreneur, think about what it is that you are continuing to keep hold of that could be discarded. Thoughts, behaviours, processes and even team members that were needed as you set off on your journey as a business owner may no longer be required as you try to set off on a new growth journey with a clear vision and more knowledge of how you will serve your customer and make the impact you wish. Identify what’s weighing you down and hindering (perhaps even threatening) the growth of your business. Then get rid of it.

Overcoming overwhelm

If you’ve ever experienced overwhelm you’ll know that it can be hugely debilitating. You can feel crushed under the weight of expectations and events. Feeling that there’s just too much to do, to plan, or to think about will often stop you doing anything at all. But if we’re honest with ourselves, overwhelm can also be an excuse. Real progress on your journey only comes when you work out what no longer serves you, so that you can let it go. Losing the excess baggage will leave you feeling lighter and energetic enough to whizz on to the next stage of growth and reach the metaphorical summit.

Conquering your own Mount Everest.

You and your business are unique but the way businesses grow is not. Growth is a series of waves, certain milestones just like the mount everest camps, each needing different levels of support. Wherever you are with your own growth journey Wyseminds can support you in preparing, planning and reviewing. Set off with purpose and stay on track for success. 

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