Money mindset: Empowering women to break free from sabotaging financial beliefs

On the hottest day so far this year in The Netherlands, a remarkable group of women defied the suffocating temperature to gather...

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On the hottest day so far this year in The Netherlands, a remarkable group of women defied the suffocating temperature to gather with a shared purpose, echoing in unison:

“What does it truly mean to grow my business on my own terms when it comes to money?”

Over the past six months, these women have been working closely with Wyseminds to unlock their future business growth potential and make the impact they aspire to achieve. (Watch this space!) 

Money blind spots

Their businesses range from sustainable models for material usage and plastic reduction, to community care and enhanced accessibility to education. Yet, when it comes to money, there are still prevailing challenges and biases that hinder financial growth and independence. 

Our day began with an enlightening session on ‘Cultivating a positive money mindset’, led by Sandra Boekhoudt, founder of

More than numbers…

A huge thank you to Sandra, who changed the relationships we all had with money beyond barriers that we didn’t even know we had! She made everyone realise that achieving future success doesn’t begin with understanding numbers alone. Instead, it starts by recognising the power of our mindset and the need to pivot our beliefs. Beliefs which have been given to us from others; those we both know and society itself and perhaps biases we have subconsciously put upon ourselves. 

Confidence and clarity

In just a few hours, amplified confidence, improved motivation and renewed resilience filled the air, as the entrepreneurs had clarity on how to pursue their financial goals. We all left with an abundant new mindset, full of self responsibility to our own financial independence

As Wyseminds’ founder, I’m driven to support purpose-led growth in a way that is simpler than many think. At this event, I was reminded of a key ingredient:  how simplicity in financial and money management, achieved by identifying and altering certain beliefs, can make the difference between success and stagnation. 

Mindset matters

Reflecting these learnings,  it is clear that  certain questions need to be asked earlier in the entrepreneurial journey. Every entrepreneur wants success, fuelled by personal purpose and values.  But that there is power in ridding yourself of limiting beliefs of financial success. We should all ask ourselves, “What is my relationship with money?” and, more importantly, “What should my relationship with money and wealth be to support the success I am looking for?”

Sandra’s guidance and insights into projections, budgets, and integrating financial figures into our everyday lives, were invaluable. Thanks to newly developed financial relationship statements, our participants will now l proudly incorporate this new money mindset  into their lives, prioritising it alongside their purpose.

Being honest – with yourself

Today, I encourage entrepreneurs to be honest with themselves and ask: What shapes my relationship with money? What beliefs have I inherited that I should break free from, to unlock my true potential?

Thank you, Sandra, for guiding us towards the right questions and inspiring us to question our relationship with wealth and money. I can say with confidence there are seven businesses – mine included – that are better off for it.