The Powerball, a different way of looking at growth

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Julie, founder of Wyseminds, talks about the powerball, a different way of looking at growth and its challenges to achieve a seamless growth journey. 

It was described by Wyseminds Richard Doughty, as a Swiss army knife, “a multi-purpose tool that can cut to the heart of what drives business growth” and by fellow Wysemind Henk Jansen as the way that enables you to “do what you believe and believe in what you do”. For Julie Perkins, as she tells in her story, it was the first step to making what seemed impossible, possible, shifting her company into a new growth era and touching the market leadership position for the first time.

If you’d like to read more about the power of the powerball, here are a couple of suggestions to read;

WTF is a Powerball? by Richard Doughty

The stars were aligned by Julie Perkins

Defining your freedom by Julie Perkins



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