‘Growth begins with you’ part 3: Getting to know you

You may think that being a successful entrepreneur involves having a brilliant business idea and working relentlessly to make...

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Inspiring people in the 21st century

Never has there been a better time for business owners to inspire great people to join them, Julie Perkins,...

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My Sofia Moment – Loviisa Vahavuori

From a university assignment in 2018 sprang the kernel of Loviisa’s brilliant business idea that’s now meeting the needs...

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My Sofia moment – Shapol Majid

When Shapol Majid read The Founder’s Story of Sofia, the fictitious business leader wracked by worry and exhaustion as...

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The beauty of simplicity in the whirlwind world of business – ‘The Wyseway’ series review 3

Simplicity is hard to achieve but having a clear purpose can go a long way towards helping you reach...

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Out of line – how to tell if your business is misaligned or on the right track – ‘The Wyseway’ series review 2

They may sound like jargon, but vertical and horizontal alignment are really important factors to get right if you...

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Is purpose an overused buzzword?

By Julie Perkins, Founder of Wyseminds When I began writing this article, I searched online for the phrase ‘business...

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Founder’s story – are you Sofia?

Congratulations! You’ve founded a business. You’ve seen a gap in the market, had a brilliant idea, roped in a...

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Agnes’ growth story

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